DV Subtitles 2.3
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DV Subtitles 2.3

Compact and efficient tool to add subtitles to your camcorder DV video files
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DV Subtitles is a simple subtitle tool with a very specific functionality – to allow you to add a date and time stamp to your DV and miniDV AVI files. You can customize nearly every aspect of the subtitles appearance, including their position within the frame, the size, the font, the colors, and even the displaying format of both the date and the time themselves.

Even though most DV camcorders available nowadays include that simple functionality (the possibility of adding the date and time to the video stream while recording), the resulting stamps are usually burnt-in, making them impossible to remove or hide. DV Subtitles allow you to add the same information to your camcorder recordings though as a removable subtitle stream. The subtitle formats supported are Subtitle Script SST for Sonic Scenarist and Sonic ReelDVD, Captions Inc. Subtitles (for Adobe’s Encore), and SSA (Sub Station Alpha) for Virtualdub. You can then use these subtitle streams to burn your custom DVDs, and make them selectable using the remote of your DVD player.

Every detail about the look and feel of the subtitles allows for customization. You can define various displaying formats for your dates and times, and decide if you want the time go above the date or vice versa or one after the other in a single line. The colors, the width of the outline, the depth of the shadow, the margins, etc., they are all customizable, too. You can also place your subtitles around the screen very easily, choosing among nine different positions.

The subtitle creation process is in fact a wizard-like process. The program will guide you through all the necessary steps while letting you preview the results in its oversized video screen.

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  • Wizard-like interface
  • Allows for subtitle customization
  • Produces removable date and time subtitles


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